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Christmas Tree
This beautiful Christmas tree hangs on the wall -- just like a regular wreath. It is made with a lemon leaf, sweet annie and sage base; then decorated with burgundy-red cockscomb, red gomphrena, small pine cones, white strawflowers and red berries. The trunk is made with German statice and pine cones and it is topped off with a large, bright golden strawflower at the top.


30" tall and 24" wide

Holiday Wreath With Dried Flowers and Berries
This gorgeous wreath is made with a lemon leaf, eucalyptus and baby's breath base and is decorated with deep red cockscomb, hydrangea, cedar and red berries.


20" in diameter



Pink & Green Holiday Wreath
This gorgeous wreath veers from the traditional red and green of holiday colors and instead boasts pink and green. The wreath begins with a green lemon leaf and fragrant sweet annie base. It is then loaded with the colors of bright pink cockscomb, carmine pink gomphrena, pink strawflowers and white statice, then fiinshed with small pine cones and large okra pods.


22" in diameter


Little Christmas Wreath
This beautiful wreath is great for smaller spaces. The base is made of lemon leaves, cedar, sweet annie and sage. It is then decorated with deep red cockscomb, carmine pink gomphrena, small pine cones and white strawflowers.


18" in diameter




Candy Cane Dried Flower Wreath
This adorable holiday favorite is made with a German statice base,
then decorated with red cockscomb stripes and white flower stripes.


24" tall and 16" wide