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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania  17055
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We are excited to offer a new crop of blue Globe Thistle, Silver King, Lamb's Ear, Sage
Hydrangea and Winterberry this year!

Unless otherwise listed, flower bunches are priced as follows:
Mix and match varieties
1-100 bunches $4.00 each
101-200 bunches $3.75 each
201 or more bunches $3.50 each

Baby's Breath

- natural white color
- air dried


Opal Basil

- deep purple color with a wonderful fragrance
- great when used with other drieds



Cayenne Peppers
$5.50/bunch or 3/$15.00
(field bunch)

- dark red color

Available in the fall

Celosia, Plume
(12-15 stems per bunch)

- reds and pinks
- great spikey flower, perfect for all types of arrangements and wreaths


Celosia, cristata
(6-8 stems per bunch)

Bold, "brain-like" heads great for focal point or accent, very versatile for designing.


Globe Thistle
(12 stems per bunch)

Beautiful, gentle blue thistle heads; prickly to work with, but an amazing accent!


(field bunch)

One of our favorites! These gorgeous round balls are great for baskets, wreaths, arrangements, or alone in a vase. Available in bicolor rose, lavender, purple and white. These colors grow differently than the red, orange and carmine and are harvested in field bunches. Stem length is approximately 15" long.

(25 stems per bunch)

These little beauties are similar to the above gomphrena, but the heads are slightly larger and they grow on individual stems. Stem length is approximately 12" long.

Lamb's Ear
(13-15 stems per bunch)

Beautiful, soft gray flower spikes - great for all types of arranging! Stems are appxoximately 15-18" long.


Mountain Mint
(field bunch)

Great minty fragrance and green leaves. Great filler for bouquets, wreaths and arrangements. Stems are approximately 20" long.


Okra Pods - extra large
$4.50/10 pods

- great for designing

Okra Pods - long slim
$4.50/10 pods

- curious accents

(25 stems per bunch)

- deep purple blossoms add unique 
   depth to arrangements


(field bunch)

- wonderful fragrance
- soft gray-green leaves; great filler


Salal (Lemon Leaves)


- 1 bunch can make a full wreath on
   an 8" frame

Salvia, Blue
(25 stems per bunch)

- great blue color


Silver King Artemesia
(field bunched)

- beautiful silver-gray spikes make
designing a breeze - great for baskets, bouquets, wreaths or alone in a vase


Statice sinuate (Annual Statice)

- lavender, pink, white, pale blue


Available in rust red, deep pink and white. There are at least 20 natural stems and 25 heads in each bunch.


Summer Savory
(field bunch)

- great fragrance


Sweet Annie
(field bunch)

- large bunches
- fragrant
- great filler


(field bunch)

- golden flower clusters



(13 stems per bunch)

- nice flat golden heads